Why no one will answer Vincent’s question…


In the old communist days Russians could become Heroes of the Soviet Union we suggest the time is right to award Vincent Browne a similar Irish accolade because in our opinion this question has still, years on, never been answered to the satisfaction of the Irish people. Is it because the answer is fundamentally a deceit and mass fraud perpetrated by a corrupt political ruling elite? And no we are not Jim Corr!

Change the radio record…

This punter wants to listen to something different this year on the radio airwaves. What is that old saying that if you keep doing the same things you get the same results.Enough of Politicians talking about creating 1000’s of jobs in cloud computing (or at least appointing a committay (sic) to report on it in 3 years).

Enough reporting crisis meetings between the midget French bloke and the mother superior German wagon. Equivalent to would another mass help? in the Father Ted milk float episode. Enough austerity packages and enough economists talking crap. Enough of Tubridy patronising young mothers stuck at home. Enough Chris and Ivan banter and the increasingly dreadful and insane Joe Duffy show.

We say more Moncrief (for the fun) more Michael Graham (for the unacceptable euroweenie truth we don’t like to hear) and more Nova for memories of a time when Ireland and the world really rocked.

Happy New Year

It’s hard to think 2012 could be worse than 2011 so a very Happy New Year to all our clients and suppliers from all the team at KDNINE. And remember the Mayans said we will never get to see 2013 anyway so no need need to worry about your new 2013 car having an unlucky reg…PHEW!