We seem to have invented a new word here inspired by a recent conversation with one of our designers. A girl never seen without iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Facebook comment. She went away to a remote island off the west coast were there was no coverage and had the “most relaxing weekend of her  life.” Is technology really making our lives easier or adding a new sets of stresses and strains? Who hasn’t posted a picture on Facebook and then worried that people like it? Is it really great to read work mails when on your two weeks holiday leave? For us the jury is well and truly out!

Where is the communications strategy?

Government ministers pictured yesterday...


Does anyone know what is going on with the Fiscal treaty/Austerity treaty/Stability treaty. Do the government have any communications advice available to them. Certainly they are carrying some major liabilities. Michael Noonan is the bad cop with his budget gun out…Richard Bruton has made a major, major, major gaffe which even John Major would be proud off! (Enough puns) Enda is on the run presumably on the advice that Vincent Browne is too nasty to face, “face to face”.

In what world is this a good media relations tactic. We are predicting a close result but if the vote is lost it will have been lost by the absence of a single minded government strategy. Call us old fashioned but perhaps selling the benefits of a Yes vote to the Irish people would be a good strategy. Just be thankful FG and Labour don’t have an advertising agency otherwise the posters around town might have headlines like this:


Heinz Beans…buy them or we will make you come back to the supermarket again and again until you do!

National Lottery… it could be your only chance before the currency collapses

Cheese…its high in saturated fat and will probably kill you as you wait for 148 hours on a trolley for a grossly overpaid consultant to pronounce you dead!


And finally remember that as far as science is concerned Stability means: the ability of an ecosystem to resist change which puts in mind the old french chestnut (not Sarkozy) “plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose

Madmen yourself…

We could all do with some light relief in this god forsaken country and we found ours at the site that allows you to be a cartoon star in your favourite show.

Now be like Roger Sterling and go and learn the names of the people you have to fire !!!