2018 Radio Update

• Radio continues to saturate the media landscape with 82% of the population or over 3 million adults tuning in for an average of 4 hours per day.
• This compares to 51% of all adults using Social Media and 40% reading a National Newspaper.
• Live radio commands 87.7% listnership versus 8% of owned music and 3.2% for Spotify.
• National Radio is strongest in Dublin @ 55% share and the greater Dublin commuter belt @ 54% while local/regional radio is stronger in other regions peaking in Cork @ 65% and the south west region @ 60%.
• Local radio scores highly among the 15-34 age group with 65.4% of minutes versus 34.6% for National radio. Dublin @ 72%, the Dublin commuter region @ 69% and in Cork @ 71% demonstrates this audience’s affinity with  their local Station.
• However for the 35+ age bracket national radio holds the majority share in Dublin @ 63% and the Dublin commuter region @ 61%.
• RTÉ Radio 1 delivers 1,396,000 listeners (+11,000 yoy). 2FM’s weekly reach figure is at 853,000 (+79,000 yoy). RTÉ Lyric FM has a national weekday share of 1.8% and 278,000 listeners tuning in on a weekly basis.
• Newstalk has hit an all-time market share high of 6.6% nationally and 10.5% in Dublin. Pat Kenny is up 5,000, the Breakfast show is up 7,000.
• Today FM maintained their national weekly reach of 878,000. Ian Dempsey, Dermot & Dave and Matt Cooper all showed marginal gains across their respective time slots. Muireann O’Connell welcomed 3,000 new listeners to her new lunchtime show (12-2pm) in just 3 months and now delivers 101,000 listeners every day.

Download a print friendly summary of the figures here

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