Time to get a little bit Greek?

A smiling Ajai Chopra delivered another sunny assessment of Ireland‘s performance under its recovery programme yesterday. At the same time, in Greece, fires burned on the streets and a two-day general strike turned ugly. (Irish Times October 21st)

So now it seems we are the good boys of Europe and the politicians are happy both within government and the IMF. but just a quick reminder from KDNINE about what is actually being said to us in focus groups:

The people have not bought into the bank bailouts and are still not happy no one has been held accountable.

The austerity programme and budget will push many more decent people over the edge.

Civil Servants and Government officials are seen as having cushy jobs and will not have to tell their children there are no presents this Christmas.

The anger is rising and the line that all the problems were caused by the previous lot has run out of purchase with people already.

Gay Mitchell”s inevitable crushing defeat in the Presidential elections will be seen by F.G as an issue around the candidate but it may also be a rejection of the Fine Gael party.

Thanks Mr Chopra for the good report but don’t be surprised if next time you see some fires burning on the streets of Dublin from your business class seat .

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