App Tracking Transparency (ATT) will change how you reach iPhones

Apple released its iOS 14.5 software update this week with the full Digital launch to hit in September.

Along with the usual tweaks and enhancements, a game-changing feature was introduced: the ability to stop apps from tracking you online. It’s serious, Facebook has called the move “harmful to small businesses”, “anticompetitive” and “hypocritical”.

For years, apps have used a device ID code (IDFA, Identity for Advertisers) to build complex profiles about consumers preferences and activities both on and off-line.

Now, apps are required to get permission before tracking. Research suggests nearly 75% of consumers will opt out of tracking.

Media Planners are keeping a close eye on how this will affect their ability to reach buyers. The two biggest things iOS 14.5 will affect are remarketing and event tracking. Those who opt-out will no longer see remarketing ads on Facebook and elsewhere across the Web. Event tracking will be limited to eight events per website – a change that won’t affect businesses unless multiple buyers are running ads for them at the same time.

Users won’t be able to opt-out of ads entirely, they’ll just see less relevant servings. Remarketing makes up a small % of our impressions & our buyers still have access to in-market customer data, allowing us to adjust targeting to continue reaching Consumers. Additionally, Apple’s changes will only affect its own devices. Android and Desktops will still be available for remarketing and multi-event tracking.

14.5 also features new Siri voices, face mask face recognition – if you tap your iWatch, and some new emojis ;->

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