2018 Radio Update

• Radio continues to saturate the media landscape with 82% of the population or over 3 million adults tuning in for an average of 4 hours per day.
• This compares to 51% of all adults using Social Media and 40% reading a National Newspaper.
• Live radio commands 87.7% listnership versus 8% of owned music and 3.2% for Spotify.
• National Radio is strongest in Dublin @ 55% share and the greater Dublin commuter belt @ 54% while local/regional radio is stronger in other regions peaking in Cork @ 65% and the south west region @ 60%.
• Local radio scores highly among the 15-34 age group with 65.4% of minutes versus 34.6% for National radio. Dublin @ 72%, the Dublin commuter region @ 69% and in Cork @ 71% demonstrates this audience’s affinity with  their local Station.
• However for the 35+ age bracket national radio holds the majority share in Dublin @ 63% and the Dublin commuter region @ 61%.
• RTÉ Radio 1 delivers 1,396,000 listeners (+11,000 yoy). 2FM’s weekly reach figure is at 853,000 (+79,000 yoy). RTÉ Lyric FM has a national weekday share of 1.8% and 278,000 listeners tuning in on a weekly basis.
• Newstalk has hit an all-time market share high of 6.6% nationally and 10.5% in Dublin. Pat Kenny is up 5,000, the Breakfast show is up 7,000.
• Today FM maintained their national weekly reach of 878,000. Ian Dempsey, Dermot & Dave and Matt Cooper all showed marginal gains across their respective time slots. Muireann O’Connell welcomed 3,000 new listeners to her new lunchtime show (12-2pm) in just 3 months and now delivers 101,000 listeners every day.

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Beware your media planners bias & ensure you are getting Media neutral solutions

Radio, newspapers and magazines perform significantly better than they are perceived to for brand

building campaigns.

That’s the evidence from “Re-evaluating Media” an independent study commissioned by commercial

radio industry body Radiocentre from Ebiquity that makes an impartial and robust evaluation of the

value of online and offline media in the UK and with a similar media landscape in Ireland has

implications for your media planning here.

Re-evaluating Media shows that TV and radio are by far the strongest advertising media for brand-building

followed by newspapers, magazines and out-of-home. Yet it discovered that industry decision-makers

undervalue traditional media and tend to overrate the value of online and social which are getting a

disproportionate allocation of Advertising Budgets.

The five most important media attributes for growing a brand in the long term are:

– targeting the right people in the right place at the right time;
– increasing campaign ROI;
– triggering a positive emotional response;
– increasing brand salience;
– maximising campaign reach.

Judged against these criteria and combining evidence scores from all 12 attributes listed below firmly places TV as the best performing medium, followed by radio, newspapers, magazines and out of home. Online display is the weakest performer.

With the exception of TV, advertisers and their planners undervalue traditional media, especially radio. They overrate the value of online video and paid social.

You can download the full report here 

and slides here

A video synopsis of the report can be viewed here.

Source: radiocentre.org