Don’t tell my mother I’m in advertising – she thinks I play the piano in a brothel

The consumer still views Madmen as Badmen, behind Bankers, Estate Agents and Politicians.

“As we emerge with trepidation from the COVID pandemic, the Irish public continue to trust our doctors, nurses and pharmacists the most when it comes to telling us the truth, as they once again top the Ipsos Veracity Index. Overall, we are becoming more trusting as a nation, with many of the professions measured improving their trust scores against last year, including trust in our fellow citizen which is up 7 points to 65%.
However, despite some gains, there is work to do for professions like Bankers, Estate Agents and those in Advertising and Social Media to improve their trust levels. Furthermore, trust in political figures shows some increases but remain low overall.”

– Tarik Laher, Director at Ipsos

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