Privacy Settings

If ever you wanted to explore the Cookies Minefield, here’s a very simple way to dip your toe into “best in class” Privacy execution.

Go to

Here’s the launch pop-up screen where you can either accept their privacy settings or manage:












If you click manage, you get another few options.



















“Help us provide you with a better web experience. Publishers and partners set cookies and collect information from your browser to provide you with relevant content and advertising that helps better understand their audiences”

Note the automatic opt-ins when you select the “Legitimate Interest” screens, it would take you an age to deselect all of these:



















Purposes > User Content > Legitimate Interest

Features > Match and combine offline data sources

Features > Link Different Devices

Features > Receive and use automatically-sent device characteristics for identification

Features > Special Features > Use Precise geolocation data



















Features > Special Features > Actively scan device characteristics for identification



















There are quite literally thousands of ‘vendors’ sitting on your shoulder while you’re browsing the Telegraph.

Under Site Vendors:

Site Vendors > User Content > 74 screens x 11 vendors on each = 814 companies



















Site Vendors > Legitimate Interest > 19 screens x 11 on each = 209 vendors with legitimate interest.

Click on any name to see what they’re collecting on you.



















The adage is true: when it’s free you’re the product and even when it’s not free and you’re paying for the service you’re an even more valuable product once you blindly click accept. “You’re in Control” indeed.


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