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Programmatic Digital Display Campaign

2,500.00 ex. VAT

Data drive your Display Advertising.

Want to get your message into your audience’s hands – literally – on their phone, desktop or tablet?

Programmatic ad buying is the use by programs and machines of algorithms to buy digital advertising inventory aimed at specific targetted audiences; unsold Digital Display real estate that publishers or media owners are happy to accept reduced rates for.

With 1,000,000 Programmatically-bought, Geo-Targetted Impressions over two weeks, on premium sites visited by your target, you can be sure your message is seen, whether it’s
swiped left or right. Leaderboard, Mid Page Unit and Half Page Unit size exposure.

Cost includes production of 1 x MPU if you don’t have assets.

Programmatic also offers low cost data driven audiences on Radio, OOH and VOD, ask us for rates.

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Internet usage had been stagnating as it reached peak saturation and mass Broadband penetration however, eCommerce has exploded this year as the audience has been stuck at home, time rich with more disposable income then ever not being able to take holidays or travel around.

Digital advertising spend is also growing overall and with five years of Digital uptake in less than five months from March, you can’t afford not to have an online presence.










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