Communications Brand Audit from

5,000.00 ex. VAT

Be customer fit. Make those assets work harder and deliver a better ROI.

Tired, dull, old fashioned, in a down cycle?

Even though you might get fed-up with your brand quicker than your customers do, it’s no harm to stand back and let someone else have an objective look at where you stand.

Clear actionable insights to develop and grow.

From €5000 – Free Briefing. VAT Additional

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The world has changed dramatically over the last 6 months and now more than ever you need to be sure your brand is relevant to your customer across many touchpoints.

Not least in a Digital sense online, although traditional channels are still vital to a brand.

Your brand’s mission, culture, strategy, values and physical manifestations are all under scrutiny. Identify and address the positive and negatives of your brand communications across all disciplines from both the consumer and competitive standpoint. Get clear insights and recommendations from experienced impartial participants on the way forward.

If you need to implement research, we can steer you in the right direction & we can help with complete Media Expenditure audits too.

Brief us for free.