FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – TV Airtime Package

One of the most prestigious events on the international sporting calendar, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be taking place in Qatar, with 32 nations competing against each other for the coveted cup! With continental qualification pathways leading to an exciting finals event, it brings fans together around the passion and love for the game.

This is an ideal opportunity to get your brand in front of RTÉ sports and soccer fans! RTÉ are offering the following package to clients and advertisers.



LIVE GAMES                                                                              BREAK TYPE

Packages Centre (Half time) In/Out Match Studio In/Out Prog
Tier 1 Games (10 spots) €97,125 €70,875 €42,000 €21,000
Tier 2 Games (10 spots) €56,700 €32,025 €24,150 €18,900
Tier 3 Games (36 spots) €108,675 €63,000 €49,350 €33,600
Total (56 spots) €250,000 €158,000 €110,000 €70,000


Individual spots

Packages Centre (Half time) In/Out Match Studio In/Out Prog
Final €20,000 €16,000 €7,000 €5,000
Semi final €13,000 €10,400 €6,500 €3,000
Qtr final €12,000 €9,600 €6,000 €3,000


Centre  End
Highlights Package (22 spots) €20,000 €15,000


RTÉ Player Package*

(including highlights programmes)

CPM Price
500,000 impressions €65 €32,500

*Please note: If oversubscribed RTÉ Player packages will be allocated at RTE’s discretion. **Pro rata rates will apply for spots longer than 30 seconds.

Quality Pricing – to be applied to above rates

  • PIB @ 30%
  • Break Selectivity @ 20% – only available for the 4 key breaks (Half times and into/out of match)
  • No Break selectivity available for studio break packages or in/out of programme package

This pricing structure applies to general market

  • Additional discount available to sponsors

Notes on Tiers/Packages

• Full Packages will take priority over Tiered packages and Individual spot buys until 30th August, after which all other packages and spot requests will be accepted where airtime is available.
• If advertisers wish to secure their booking in highly demanded categories, a Caria booking must be received by 30th August 17.30pm – any over subscribed categories will be allocated by 2nd September.
• Due to oversubscriptions and limited availability for the bookmaker’s category we are reissuing an earlier deadline for this category in order to better manage allocations. The deadline for this category will be 16th August. RTÉ will confirm allocation by 19th August.
• Costs are fixed and non-reconcilable.
• Please note that once bookings have been confirmed by RTÉ they are non-cancellable and non-transferable.
• All bookings must be received by Caria.
• In/out of programme packages will be sold as a rotational package only.
• Studio break spot numbers may be subject to change – any changes to spot numbers will be pro-rata
• Whistle-to-whistle breaks and VOD packages will not be available to the bookmaker category.