RTÉ Weather Sponsorship Opportunity

The Weather Sponsorship on RTÉ TV and Online is available from January 2022.

This is the first time the sponsorship has been brought to market in over 15 years and is a very exciting opportunity!

Irish people have a very special relationship with the Weather, We love talking about it, complaining about it; – giving out when it’s too hot and too cold- when there is too much rain, or too little! RTÉ Weather updates are a key source of information on this much-loved topic and a must see for significant numbers of the Irish audience.

The Weather Sponsorship is a premium offering on RTÉ – +€7M – and the largest Broadcast Sponsorship in Ireland


Sponsorship Process

• RTÉ is inviting expressions of interest for this weather sponsorship to be submitted in writing by 5.30pm on Wednesday 5th May 2021.
• RTÉ intend to then meet interested parties individually from 10th May to 21st May 2021.
• RTÉ intend that following such meetings there will be a deadline for bids to be submitted in writing to RTÉ by 5.30pm on Wednesday 26th May 2021

• Weather Mid Morning
• Weather (One O’Clock)
• Farming Weather
• Weather (Late Afternoon)
• Weather (5 O’Clock)
• European Weather
• Irish Sign Language Weekly
• Weather (Six O’Clock)
• Weather (Nine O’Clock)
• Weather (Late)
• The European Weather
• 60 bulletins per Week

•  Over the course of a Year 90% of all Adults 15+
watching Television viewed the sponsorship sting at
least once, equivalent to 3.3 Million people, with
+4 reaching 87%. Sponsorship has a weekly reach
+1 of 49% and +4 of 36%.