The Press strand of the Ebiquity Research

Here is the Ebiquity Media Effectiviness Research quoted by NewsBrands as it relates to Press:


As with most offline media, Ebiquity shows Newspapers rank highly (3rd) for ROI but are rated poorly (8th) by Marketeers.

NewsBrands commissioned RAM to conduct this “reAction Study at the end of March to evaluate the effectiveness of Irish Press and publish the results of 5 case studies.

  • Interesting to note that 1/4 pages recall scores are 50% higher in 2018 than 2013 – probably due to less clutter in the Newspaper environment.
  • Press is a highly Trustworthy medium along with TV & Radio.
  • Social Media is not trustworthy but highly intrusive.
  • The Medium is and has been very very poor at promoting its strengths to the Industry.

Advertisers need  to be sure their Media Planning is Neutral and unbiased from perception or planner’s age discrimination.

Download our review of the 2018 Irish Newsprint and Magazine Market.





Newspaper & Magazine Readership 2016

JNLR Newspaper Graphic
Reviewing the latest JNRS Circulation figures from NewsBrands Ireland makes for very interesting 
- if not unexpected gloomy reading.
The circulation of print titles was over 8% lower at the end of 2016 than in 2015.
8% less Daily Newspapers are sold each day now at 421,930 copies while the Sundays are almost
9% down to 609,987.
That's a lot of newsprint recycling lost in just one year.
Compared to 2005 though the figures are even more startling. 

Then the Irish Independent had a total of 170K copies split almost evenly betweek the broadsheet
and the then'new' Compact. It looks as if the compact has almost completely cannibalised the
Broadsheet with daily circulation now at 97K copies, the first time to dip below the 100K mark.

The situation is the same across all the Daily titles:

Irish Times has 114K copies then against 66K today. The Irish Sun 114K now 50K, The Star 100K now 51K, 
The Mirror 79K now 36K, The Examiner 59K now 30K, The Herald 88K now 41K. You'd have to wonder about 
the immediate mortality of the latter two.

The Sundays still have some volume but showing the same trend:

Independent down to 191K from 291K, World to 150K from 268K, Times at 79K from 102K. Business Post 31K
from 48K. The Sun at 56K - slightly down from 58K.

Also of note are the titles that have crashed and burned including: Ireland on Sunday 144K (now 
The Irish Mail at 79K); Sunday Tribune; Irish News of the World (166K) and the Irish People. 

11 years has seen over 2 million copies taken out of circulation weekly from 5.1M copies in 2005
to 3.1M copies today.
That's a weekly average of 0.6 of a newspaper per caput today from an average of 1.3 newspapers a week in '05.

Gloomy indeed. & Digital Subscriptions aren't anywhere close to replacing those lost copies.

Download the detail and the readership figures below.

Newspaper Circulation 2016_KD9