Online Talk Peter Field: Insights On Advertising In Recession – Slide Deck

When faced with a recession, most firms cut back on advertising alongside cutting other costs, yet there is a body of evidence that suggests a positive impact for companies that keep advertising during a recession.

• Why do marketers need to continue investing in brand advertising?
• What is the type of advertising that works best under the current circumstances?
• How can TV and Radio brands equip themselves with the right set of tools and arguments so that they can gain in efficiency when they approach their client base, both the advertisers and agencies?
• How can brands defend their share of voice and seize their market opportunity?
• What does a good “long term strategy” mean in this context of crisis?

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The battleground for your Screentime starts here …

@MarkRitson used this Morgan Stanley chart showing Australian advertising spend by medium over the last 5 decades to demonstrate how the Internet (essentially #facebook and #alphabet) has hammered Newsprint.


The battleground for your screentime begins in earnest with Amazon looking to eat the established players Lunch.

Thanks to @eirSport and #TAM_Ireland for hosting a stimulating gig at the Aviva


Ritson also used this chart from Les Binet and Peter Field which shows the incremental sales effectiviness of long term brand building – using a lead and secondary medium – and not just tactical direct advertising in your brand campaigns.

View 10 charts from Les_Binet and_Peter_Field

It’s also worth referring to this Ebiquity study when planning your 2019 activity too.