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In a rapidly changing industry, the key to staying ahead is staying on top of developments – from demographics to analytics, from publications to legislation. Here we share our observations on some of the articles we have found useful and also some industry news and updates.

The Elephant in the Boardroom

I have a thing about Private Label, we work in an industry that relies on getting a contribution from branded sales. Brands are not just taking a hammering from Retail Trading Negotiators seeking even greater discounts while maintaining net margins, but also by PL; as mentioned earlier it is reckoned that almost 30% of all grocery lines by 2012 will be own-brand. Tesco currently says own label accounts for 40%.

My Grocery Shopping Experience.

My wife has been temporarily incapacitated and I’ve been doing the weekly “big shop” for the past couple of months.

I looked forward to this, as in the past I’ve enjoyed Grocery store-checks as an information gathering exercise – seeing who’s active, new product launches, what products are on promotion, what offers there were – in the FMCG categories in which I or my clients operated.

Choosing the right partner.

There are a few obvious pointers when choosing the right Communications partner, a bit like your friends you don’t always have to get along with them, but good chemistry does help. And choose carefully, because with the right choice you could be together a long time. A good agency is like a good restaurant. Same quality control, attention to detail, desire to please.

Is there a future for Advertising Agencies?

Unfortunately, several previous predictions have materialized and while one or two have thrived, the remainder have not and a few Agencies are still hanging on by their fingernails. We have witnessed a decimation of the Industry with some reports suggesting that employment in the sector has “downsized” by over 40% over the past two years.

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