Your own free Government speech for any occasion…

Words are important to what we do here so inspired by the governments job creation strategy here is our version of the KDNINE ministers speech…feel free to use with our blessing, on any appropriate occasion. Make sure to emphasize the words in bold with a sincere look to your audience.


Recognizing the urgent need for investment in job creation we are proud to announce a new fit for purpose strategy based on best practice and stress tested to create a knowledge economy. This may create up to 2 million jobs  in 5 years…50% of these jobs will be in cloud computing based industries and will harness our foreign direct investment potential to  make us a global center of excellence. We will then put pressue on the banks to release credit to small business and look to the B.R.I.C countries to enhance our export potential.

Finally I believe the children are our future and things can only get better if we work together as one nation proud of our heritage and united under one true God….(wait for applause and huge pension)

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